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Procedures for managing access to public spaces assigned to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (OVCAS)


In accordance with UIC policy FM-4200-01 ("Control of Access to University Spaces"), the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (VCAS) is responsible for controlling access to public or common University spaces, and for all spaces assigned to OVCAS or an OVCAS sub-unit such as Facilities Management (FM). This responsibility also applies to access control for entry to any building designed as being University-supported, as defined in UIC policy FM-4200-02 ("Financial Responsibility for Facilities-Related Costs"). A list of University-supported buildings can be found here.

Building hours and locking

General practice As a rule, University-supported buildings will be open Monday through Friday during designated business hours. This status may change depending on conditions (e.g. emergencies, COVID-related access modifications etc.)

Determination of schedules The VCAS (or designee) will coordinate with authorized representatives of tenant colleges and departments to determine the appropriate hours for University-supported buildings. In order to facilitate this process and to ensure that schedules are consistent and manageable, the VCAS (or designee) will develop and maintain a list of common building schedules that can be applied to any University-supported building.

Exceptions for special circumstances Temporary exceptions to these schedules will be allowed to accommodate special events or emergent conditions. Any permanent exception to these schedules will require a justification in writing for the variant scheduling from authorized tenant representatives, and subsequent approval by the VCAS (or designee).

Manual locking Daily unlocking and locking of exterior building doors in University-supported buildings that are not on the campus access control system will be coordinated by the UIC Police Department in coordination with UIC Facilities Management.

Auxiliary funded or Healthcare facilities Buildings that are primarily owned and managed by UI Health or Campus Auxiliary Services will utilize schedules developed by the tenant.

Limiting access to public or common spaces in building interiors

The decision to limit access leading to public or shared spaces in University-supported buildings shall lie ultimately with the VCAS (or designee).

Public Thoroughfares

For thoroughfares such as corridors, lobbies, vestibules, and similar spaces, access limitations will be permitted only if one of the following applies:

  1. The space directly permits access to an area
    1. containing high-value assets or property
    2. where high-risk research or related activities are being conducted
    3. containing hazardous material
    4. that has hazardous conditions
    5. is under construction or maintenance rendering the space temporarily unsafe for general use
  2. access limitations to the thoroughfare are approved by the VCAS pursuant to a formal assessment by OVCAS personnel that establishes the existence of circumstances or conditions that warrant such limitations.

Approval for access limitations related to a public thoroughfare in a University-supported building must be granted by the VCAS (or designee) and may be revoked if deemed necessary by the VCAS (or designee).

Stairwell and corridor doors

In accordance with NFPA 101 guidelines:

  1. Stairwell doors may only be locked:
    1. if an automatic release that is actuated with the initiation of an alarm by the building fire alarm system is provided to unlock doors, or
    2. if re-entry options on other floors are provided in a manner compliant with NFPA 101, and appropriate signage is placed on the stair side clearly indicating the location of the nearest door opening allowing building reentry.
  2. Corridor doors may only be locked:
    1. if an automatic release that is actuated with the initiation of an alarm by the building fire alarm system is provided to unlock doors